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How to Own a Dog

Okay, so you read all the interesting and important facts about your dog's breed or maybe you haven't, but either way, you're still clueless on what to do to provide for a dog. You don't want Fido to live unhappily, right? Here are the basic steps!


1. Give your dog a name. This is something that will affect your pet for life. Don't name it something too long or something that you don't like. Don't name her Kitty just because your sister made you for revenge on not getting a family cat! It's important that your dog has a nice name for tags and a word to respond to when he or she gets lost.

2. Designate an area for your dog to sleep. The first night must always be prepared with one simple question: Where do they sleep? Will they sleep in a dog bed in your room or in the garage? Or maybe the backyard? Wherever it may be, make sure it's warm during the winter and cool during the summer so they can sleep comfortably. Make it protected from possible dangers and the possibility of escaping.

3. Pick a dog food for your friendly friend! Make sure not to feed it chicken and leftovers as a daily meal. They are unhealthy and can lead to obesity or diabetes, and we don't want unnecessary vet bills to pile up.

4. Make sure your dog has a source of water available at all time. Put two water bowls available: In your backyard and in your house. They need something to drink out of. Pick a specific spot to place the bowl. Make sure it is refilled with fresh, cool water daily. Don't move the bowl to a new spot everyday, that can cause confusion to your dog. If your dog knows the bowl is in one spot, he'll know it's there for him when he needs it.

5. Provide playtime for your pet. Each day you should designate at least one hour of playtime, let it be day or night, rain or shine. Exercise can mean many things considering the size of your dog. A medium sized dog could do just fine with a 20 minute walk and some throw toys. A small dog could be happy with a 30 minute game of fetch and a short walk. A large dog will probably need a long walk, a game of fetch, and some chew toys. Please provide playtime for your dog at least once a day. Don't forget or be too lazy. It only makes your dog unhappy.

6. Give them a collar and tags. At your local pet store there should be a machine that provides pet tags for your dog. All dogs need a collar and tags to go on it. All the tag should say is the dog's name and an email or phone number to call if they are lost. If you think this step is not important, do your research! As smart as your dog might seem to be, curiosity can overcome the voice in your dog's head that tells them "No, don't do it". Dogs will get loose at some point in their life, and with no tags there is no one to figure out who their owner is. You will be saving your dogs physical and mental wellness by getting them tags. Microchips cannot be seen and plenty of people don't look for it or get the stray scanned for one- they only look for what's visible. So the tags are extremely important and should be taken care of right away.

7. Vet checkups. If you can't afford a monthly checkup, at least do it every so often. Even if it's just once, make sure you can do it. Give them their shots and make sure they are healthy. If you see any signs of illness, report to a vet immediately to make sure your furry friend is not in pain!


  • No dog is born aggressive but depended on how you treat them they can become angry and possibly bite
  • Dogs will die eventually so remember to enjoy the short amount of time you have with them!
  • Some dog foods can have harmful ingredients to your dog. These you should avoid these where possible
  • They might be only part of your life but you are their whole life, their only friend. Just be kind to them!